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Severus felt Sirius's body shudder and then only the competing rhythms of his ragged breathing and pounding heart.
"Bet you liked that, didn't you?" asked Sirius, withdrawing the knife.
When he got no response, he pressed the blade back against the soft tissue of Severus's throat.
"You liked it, didn't you?"
Severus nodded.
"You fuckin' poof, you make me sick."

HP_Hardcore: putting the 'slash' back in slash fics.

Hello. This is a community dedicated to creating, reviewing and collating Harry Potter fanfictions that could be considered hardcore. All pairings welcome. Much of the material herein will be violent, ugly, pornographic, tasteless, disturbing, and not suitable for children. We hope you enjoy it.

Thanks to all the strangers that have borrowed and, in some cases, directly quoted our custom-made community information and interests for their own communities! We're happy to be your inspiration.

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